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Transgender, nonbinary, and queer clients deserve behavioral, medical, and wellness care with dignity.








































To ensure every health and wellness provider are trained to provide care from a dignity perspective. To ensure every provider feels competent and confident in the care they give every day.


Are you providing care with dignity?

Are you a...

  • Hospital, medical office, nursing facility, rehabilitation facility, urgent care, long term care facility, surgery center, laboratory, or other healthcare facilities?

  • Doctor, physician, surgeon, specialist, medical provider, nurse, nurse practitioner, nurse aide, medical assistant, physician assistant, lab worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, chiropractor, or healthcare provider?

  • Counselor, therapist, social worker, addiction professional, program director, mental health technician, educators, or behavioral health provider?

  • Spa, wellness, health or fitness facility? 

  • Receptionist, human resources, billing, customer service, or work in a medical facility?

All clients you serve deserve dignity care but especially those who are transgender and nonbinary. To provide dignity care you need to feel competent and confident in your work.


Let me train you and your team on everything you need to know about best practices in LGBTQIA+ health and wellness care.


Dr. Kristie has trained healthcare and wellness professionals across the world about best practices in LGBTQIA+ care. Through in-person, virtual, and online courses, her trainings have impacted thousands of people.










5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Transgender, Nonbinary, + Genderqueer Clients 

Industry Focus


If you work in any area of healthcare, you can benefit from these training. Hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, outpatient facilities, medical organizations, and telehealth services have benefited from learning how to provide dignity care for transgender clients.


Staff who should attend: doctors, nurses, human resources, dietary, medical records, allied therapies, environmental services, directors, managers, c-suite executives, and any person who is in the healthcare setting.


If you work in a spa setting or any wellness setting, you can benefit from these trainings. Small, large, domestic, and international organizations have benefit from learning how to serve transgender clients with dignity care.


Staff who should attend: executives, owners, directors, managers, supervisors, human resources, direct support care staff, attendants, trainers, and any person who is in the spa or wellness setting. 



If you work in any area of behavioral healthcare, you can benefit from these trainings. Inpatient hospitals, outpatient treatment, addiction treatment, nonprofits, behavioral health offices, private practice, and telehealth services have benefit from learning how to provide dignity care for transgender clients.




"General questioning of patients transgender identities is another common reason for doctor avoidance."

Dr. Kristie Overstreet


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Trainings are offered in three ways to provide the best fit for you and your organization. Choose from on-site, live webinar, or online courses below.



Looking for a provider who is competent & trained in dignity care? Visit the list of Dignity Model Certified Providers below.



Dr. Kristie provides four free monthly virtual support groups to those exploring their gender identity and parent/partner/families of loved ones.



“Working with Dr. Kristie Overstreet was such a pleasure. From the first moment that we connected with her to secure a speaking engagement, to the day of the event – she was communicative, pleasant, proactive, and professional. When we were initially looking for a keynote speaker for our LGBTQIA+ healthcare symposium, we weren't sure of the topics that we wanted. Dr. Kristie provided us with multiple options and worked with us to narrow our topics and create a great basis for our symposium. During her presentations, she engaged staff and had everyone in the audience actively participating. We are 5 days past he symposium now, and have had multiple attendees commenting about her dynamic speaking style and how they learned so much from her. This symposium has been so impactful on our staff, with Dr. Kristie's presentations as the central theme, that we are excited to bring her back for another presentation soon!”

– Kris C-H.


"Dr. Overstreet assisted our organization in the journey from being transphobic to being welcoming and treating non-binary patients and employees with dignity. We continue growing and improving, building on a foundation strengthened by the information, materials and training that Dr. Overstreet provides.”

– Michael B.

“Dr. Kristie's training was very insightful and needed. I appreciate her candidness when answering the questions asked of her. She creates an inviting and welcoming environment to learn how to better serve our clients.”

– Tanisha R.


“Kristie is a breath of fresh air to a community that is in need of her knowledge and skills.”

– Deanna I.


“The training was informative and helpful into the LGBTQ community and issues concerning sexual and gender identity.”

– Shkyna L.


“In our pursuit of continued education for our employees, we invited Dr. Kristie Overstreet to speak to us about diversity and inclusion through the LGBTQIA+ lens. Sharing her wisdom, and expertise in an engaging presentation on LGBTQIA+ Care in Action we gained numerous takeaways for our organization and would welcome the opportunity to reengage Dr. Kristie Overstreet for future conversations.”

– Crystal W.

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